Just 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jungkook Fanboying And Showing Love To RM

RM is the reason why Jungkook even joined Big Hit Entertainment.

All the BTS hyungs are special to Jungkook, but he shows affection to each of them in different ways. Sometimes, he may tease them to show his love for them.

Jungkook is also quite the fanboy of RM, where he’s displayed his admiration and affection towards RM multiple times. Here are 10 moments where Jungkook was whipped for RM.

1. RM being the reason Jungkook chose Big Hit Entertainment

Source: SugArmyy/YouTube

2. Giving RM a kiss

3. Grooving to RM’s performance

Jungkook even gave a heart back to RM.

4. Jungkook just showing appreciation to RM

Source: iMakeGarbageEdits/YouTube

5. Jungkook leaning in

6. Jungkook just fanboying

Source: iMakeGarbageEdits/YouTube  

7. Jungkook showing appreciation towards the leader

8. Jungkook in awe

Source: SugArmyy/YouTube

9. Jungkook just showing love to RM

10. Giving a big hug to RM

Source: SugArmyy/YouTube

Bonus: Just loving each other