Just 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jungkook Getting Embarrassed And Teased By His Hyungs

This is one of their ways of showing love to their maknae.

The members of BTS sure do love Jungkook, where they show affection for him on many occasions.

The hyungs also love teasing their maknae, where this is another version of them showing love to Jungkook. Here are 10+ gifs of the BTS hyungs embarrassing and teasing Jungkook.

1. Fanboying over his abs

2. Babying him

It initially begins with Jin trying to get a picture of Jungkook, where he treats him like a baby to get his attention.

It eventually turns into all the members babying Jungkook and trying to get his attention.

3. Teasing Jungkook’s MC role

4. Suga’s confession

Suga initially had a simple confession to Jungkook.

It then turned once Suga revealed some more details about Jungkook.

5. Imitating Jungkook

6. Jin’s reason for working out

Jungkook tries to deny this claim, but RM is quick to shoot him down.

7. Teasing him about his shopping

The hyungs are shocked by seeing Jungkook shopping for clothes.

This leads to more teasing from the members, where they eventually start laughing profusely.

This leads to Suga wanting to defend Jungkook a little bit.

8. V watching Jungkook’s old video

9. Jimin flexing on Jungkook

10. The Jungkook bus