Just 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s Jungkook Getting Secondhand Embarrassment Due To His Hyungs

The members’ personalities can sometimes be too much for Jungkook.

While BTS‘s Jungkook has shown his love for his hyungs on many occasions, there are a couple of times when he couldn’t help but cringe at their actions.

Here a few gifs of Jungkook getting secondhand embarrassment due to his hyungs.

1. Jungkook cringing at Jin and Jimin’s sudden dancing

Jungkook couldn’t help but be amazed by their actions, especially Jin’s.

2. Not being able to watch RM’s dancing

3. Cringing at J-Hope’s aegyo

4. When Jimin started dancing

5. Not being able to stand V and J-Hope kissing

6. Covering his face during Jin’s dance

7. J-Hope and Suga’s vocal explosion

8. Watching Jin’s rap

Bonus: The hyungs reactions to his abs