Just 10+ Gifs Of BTS’s RM Being The Most Humble Leader

RM never lets the fame get to his head.

BTS has made a lot of K-Pop history over the years, as it seems that they’re breaking records every year. Despite all their success, the members remain humble and have never bragged about their success. BTS’s leader, RM, has always remained humble throughout the years, here are a couple of those moments.

1. Telling everyone that they worked hard

2. Choosing BTS over his solo

3. Thinking he’s not a good leader

4. Letting J-Hope do the speech

BTS won “Best Male Dance Performance” at MAMA 2016. J-Hope is the dance leader of BTS, so RM wanted J-Hope specifically to do the speech.

5. Worrying about Jungkook over himself

Source: SugArmyy/YouTube

6. RM’s amazing United Nations speech

7. Thanking everyone

8. Always giving praise to the other candidates

9. After BTS won one of their first Daesangs