Just 10+ Gifs Of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Being Like A Mother To Red Velvet

Taeyeon even defends them against their manager.

Many SM Entertainment artists share a close bond, as it’s only natural that people of the same company get close to each other. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Red Velvet share a unique bond, as it seems that Taeyeon is always caring for the Red Velvet members. Here are 10+ gifs of Taeyeon acting like a mother towards Red Velvet.

1. Taeyeon defending the Red Velvet members

Taeyeon decided to treat the Red Velvet members to some food.

Red Velvet’s manager was keeping a sharp eye on them, as she was concerned about them gaining weight. Taeyeon decided to step in and defend the members.

2. Taeyeon’s hyper reaction

3. A family hug

4. Taeyeon giving some advice to the members

The Red Velvet members did a surprise event for Taeyeon.

Taeyeon was extremely thankful, and she even gave some advice to the members.

5. Celebrating together

6. Taeyeon getting to know the members more

7. Taeyeon and Irene sharing a moment

8. Taeyeon giving heartfelt advice about weight

9. This sweet moment

10. Yeri being a baby