Just 10+ Gifs Of The Red Velvet Members Babying Yeri

The unnies love their maknae, even if she can be a savage at times.

It’s no secret that the Red Velvet members love their maknae, Yeri.

Yeri might be a complete savage sometimes, but the members aren’t able to get mad at her.

So, here are 10+ gifs of the Red Velvet unnies babying Yeri.

1. Irene ironing Yeri’s uniform

2. Giving Yeri some water

3. Yeri needing permission from the unnies to get married

4. Seulgi being gentle with Yeri

5. Showering Yeri with love

6. Irene helping Yeri with her hair

7. Feeding Yeri

8. Seulgi adjusting Yeri’s hair

9. Joy comforting Yeri

10. The unnies not wanting their baby to get married yet

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