Just 10 Gifs Of TWICE’s Tzuyu Savagely Dissing Her Unnies

Number 8 is just iconic.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is quite the unique maknae, as she can be either a loveable fluffball or a complete savage. There have been many moments when Tzuyu has shown love to her unnies.

There have also been plenty of moments when Tzuyu was a complete savage, such as these 10.

1. Tzuyu questioning Jihyo’s actions

2. Saying Nayeon is too hyper

3. Dissing Sana’s laugh

4. Dissing Chaeyoung’s strength

5. Calling Nayeon a liar

6. Pointing out Jeongyeon’s biggest flaw

7. Walking away from Sana

8. This iconic moment

9. Shocking Nayeon

10. Ignoring Momo