Just 10 Hilarious Fan Reactions To BTS Dropping “BE Water”

Not your average water.

Now BTS has dropped all sorts of different merchandise throughout the years from the usual concert goods to fluffy pink jackets. Regardless of what they sell, they have always managed to sell out of the items quite quickly.

But this time, Big Hit decided to drop water (yes you heard right) as their next piece of merchandise. “Meet the new premium water that has come from the depths of the sea to meet with BTS.”

The difference in this bottled water is that the members have drawn fun images themselves as the design for the bottle.

Fans have gone above and beyond in their reactions for this merchandise drop and it’s too good not to share.

1. They won’t wash again unless it’s Bangtan water

2. Cleanse your soul

3. ARMYs wallets are shaking

4. The only thing that would make it better

5. What’s next…air?

“So will you be selling air next?”

6. Too broke for water

7. “Spitback” water or nothing

8. Big Hit knows just how thirsty ARMYs are

9. This is what stanning BTS is like

10. Holy Water

What are your thoughts on this new water release? Is this something that you would buy for your BTS collection?