Just 11 Gifs Of The BTS Members Babying Jungkook

“In a way, they (hyungs) raised me”.

BTS‘s Jungkook has never been shy about admitting the impact his hyungs have had on his life.

The hyungs also love babying Jungkook, where they just see Jungkook as their baby. Here are 11 moments where the BTS members were babying Jungkook.

1. Trying to get Jungkook’s attention

The members all join Jin and start babying Jungkook.

Suga eventually tries to get them to stop, as he thinks Jungkook will cry.

2. Teasing him for shopping

3. Petting his head

4. The hyungs at Jungkook’s high school entrance ceremony

The members even encourage Jungkook to talk with his friends.

5. Hugging an emotional Jungkook

6. RM just babying Jungkook

7. The hyungs giving the best reactions

8. J-Hope giving some loving kisses

9. Being proud of their baby

10. It’s like J-Hope is watching a sleeping baby

11. Feeding Jungkook


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