Just 12 Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie That Show Off Her Gorgeous Ear Piercings

#5 is a stunning look.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has one thing that increases the attractiveness of her stage costumes and everyday outfits: earrings. With her multiple piercings, she can wear a number of gorgeous earrings everyday.

Check out some of her best looks below!

1. With 5 earrings at once

2. With a stud and a simple ring on the side

3. With a huge pearl earring

4. With a huge diamond earring

5. With three earrings at once

6. With a large black diamond

7. With a dainty butterfly earring

8. With a large square gem and two studs

9. With three earrings to complete an elegant look

10. With a beautiful Chanel piece

11. With her latest campaign (and the usual stud and ring)

12. And with her multiple earrings on both sides