Just 14 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Jisoo Didn’t Give A F*ck About Personal Space

They bring a whole new meaning to “close” friends

When it comes to BLACKPINK pairings, the friendship between Jisoo and Lisa doesn’t always get much attention. But, the truth is that this eldest-maknae pair have a truly close connection. Just take a look at 14 times they refused to understand the concept of personal space because they love each other so much.

1. Their hugs just look so warm

2. In your face

3. Oh, to be Lisa cradling Jisoo’s face

4. Jisoo is Lisa’s shoulder to lean on (literally)

5. And vice versa

6. Lisa never misses an opportunity to get close to her unnie

7. It’s always a good time for a sneaky smooch

8. They take care of each other so sweetly

9. Do they really need to be that close? (Yes. The answer is yes)

10. Whatever’s going on here, we love it

11. They almost “booped” noses

12. Airport queuing is less boring this way

13. Pat, pat, pat

14. And they’re always down to snuggle