Just 15 Gifs Of BLACKPINK Looking Cool AF To Satisfy Your Girl Crush Loving Hearts

They’re the coolest.

When someone says the words “girl crush”, BLACKPINK is one of the top groups that come to mind. With their endless charisma and talent, they exude coolness in everything they do. These gifs just prove it.

Check them out below!

1. When they swayed their hips in Coachella

2. When they killed this love

3. When they did this move

4. When Rosé went gangsta on us

5. When Jennie danced like a queen

6. When they were totally girl crush since debut

7. When they were #RichKids in sunglasses

8. When Jisoo was the prettiest woman alive

9. When they played with fire

10. When they walked like the models they are

11. When Lisa went crazy in the grocery store

12. When Jisoo looked straight into our souls

13. When Rosé was the box master

14. When they stared intently at the camera

15. And finally, when they were the squad of our dreams