Just 15 Hairstyles That Taeyong Has Swept Us Away With Since NCT’s Debut

He’s had a lot of vastly different styles over the years!

Many of the members in NCT have gone through dramatic hair color and style changes, but none quite so many as Taeyong. Since the group’s debut, he’s had a wide range of different dye jobs and cuts, and he’s somehow managed to make them all look great, even the more unusual ones! Here are 15 different styles that the NCT artist has owned over the years.

1. “The 7th Sense”: His shockingly white hairstyle with a chic headband

2. “Firetruck”: The infamous “skunk” hairstyle in black and white

3. “Limitless”: His fluffy braided and beaded look

4. “Cherry Bomb”: The pastel-pink color that fit the theme of the song

5. “Boss”: His stunning deep red look

6. “Touch”: The simple and pretty neutral brown hairstyle with rose-gold highlights

7. “Baby Don’t Stop”: His orange-brown color that was both playful and elegant

8. “Chain”: The more ash-brown/blond style he rocked for this comeback

9. “Regular”: His unique antique gold-colored baby mullet

10. “Simon Says”: His slightly more silver look for this comeback

11. “Wakey-Wakey”: This stark black style

12. “Superhuman”: The unique colored highlight look he had in this music video

13. “Long Flight”: This gorgeous minty-teal dye job

14. “Highway to Heaven”: His pretty multi-colored golden look

15. “Kick It”: This slicked-back platinum blond style