Just 15 Supportive Tweets For SF9’s Dawon After “Summer Breeze” Relay Dance Complaints

He really didn’t deserve all the hate.

Recently, SF9 came under fire from some netizens for the relay dance they recorded for their latest comeback, “Summer Breeze”. People complained about the dance being lazy and messy, with people specifically pointing out member Dawon.

However, what non-fans didn’t realize is that this sort of chaotic, funny behavior is completely the norm for SF9! Their “Good Guy” relay dance, which was their most recent one before “Summer Breeze”, was unusually calm and “normal”.  Since many new fans might have only watched the “Good Guy” relay dance due to the song’s success, they might not have realized that these sort of antics are absolutely what SF9 is known for! Just check out the chaos that was their “Easy Love” relay dance:

Fortunately, fans have come to Dawon’s defense on Twitter, sharing their love and support for the SF9 member, as well as the rest of the group. Check them out below!

1. Chaotic Dawon is best Dawon.

2. Everyone should know about this!

3. Everyone misses this Dawon already

4. He deserves to be happy for “Summer Breeze”‘s first win!

5. You can’t forget that idols have feelings too!

6. He really loves his fans!

7. No one wants to see Dawon like this.

8. It’s so nice to see them supporting each other through this.

9. He’s going to be just fine.

10. Hopefully we’ll see his smile again soon!

11. This.

12. See, the lack of chaos is bizarre.

13. Hopefully this won’t stop them from being goofy and having fun in the future!

14. True fans know what Dawon is really like.

15. Come back to us soon, Dawon!