Just 15 Tweets To Celebrate 2NE1’s 11th Anniversary Since Debut

Though they might not be a group any longer, their fans’ love still goes on

2NE1 debuted on May 6, 2009, with the hype song “Fire” that took the girl group game in K-Pop to a whole new level. Between then and their too-soon disbandment in April of 2016, 2NE1 constantly pushed boundaries and proved that female K-Pop artists could be edgy and swaggy and powerful as much as any boy group. Here are 15 tweets from fans celebrating the 11th anniversary of the iconic group.

1. This tweet speaking of how 2NE1 changed the female K-Pop game

2. And another confirming that no group will ever quite be the same

3. This simple but appropriate response from Blackjacks

4. This hopeful tweet about something Minzy hinted at…

5. This post reminding us why 2NE1 are the ultimate queens

6. Another reminder of just how bada** they really were

7. Fans are showing their love through their creativity!

8. This wishful tweet for a 2NE1 comeback to show today’s idols how it’s done…

9. This poll to vote on which version of “Fire” was your favorite!

10. This tweet that a lot of us can probably relate to

11. They may be disbanded, but never forgotten

12. This epic mash-up to celebrate the big day!

13. Too hopeful?

14. The big question though??

15. And finally, this tweet sharing a bunch of 2NE1’s iconic moments!