Just 15 Adorable Tweets About ATEEZ That Will Have Any ATINY Giggling

Even though they’re intense onstage, they’re so cute offstage.

ATEEZ may be known for their intense stages and somewhat intimidating visuals, but for fans that know the group well, they know that the members are completely the opposite when not performing. They’re experts at duality, doing aegyo for the camera one moment and completely in character the next! They all have such fun personalities, though, and many adorable moments have been captured on camera for fans to enjoy. Here are 15 tweets of such times.

1. Look how cute they are when they’re having fun!

2. Their most recent big achievement!

3. Any Yeosang stans here?

4. There are two kinds of people…

5. I see no difference.

6. RIP San…

7. Yunho is sooo so cute.

8. Hongjoong with children is too precious for this world.

9. That’s what we call duality.

10. Mingi’s iconic “English-y” will never get old.

11. We need a full cover ASAP.

12. Why are they so cuuuute?

13. Such a pouty baby~

14. This will never not be iconic.

15. And finally, ATEEZ + puppies = Heaven.