Just 18 Of K-Pop Fans’ Favorite Stage Outfits Of 2020 So Far

Which one was your favorite?

When it comes to stage outfits, sometimes K-Pop idols’ stylists can be very hit or miss. Considering just how many different outfits have to be made for each comeback, you can’t expect all of them to be perfect! However, there are some outfits that have been presented this year that have really captured fans’ attentions, whether it’s the unique cut, complimentary colors, interesting accessories, or otherwise. Here are 18 of fans’ favorite outfit concepts so far this year.

1. LOONA: “So What” (M Countdown, Ep. 651)

2. cignature: “Nun Nu Nan Na” (Show! Music Core)

3. ATEEZ: “Answer” (Show! Music Core)

4. EVERGLOW: “Dun Dun” (M Countdown, Ep. 652)

5. ANS: “Say My Name” (Inkigayo, February 9)

6. MOMOLAND: “Thumbs Up” (M Countdown, Ep. 647)

7. GFRIEND: “Labyrinth” (M Countdown, Ep. 651)

8. DreamNote: “Wish” (M Countdown, Ep. 649)

9. The Boyz: “Reveal” (Show! Music Core)

10. CLC: “Hobgoblin” (M Countdown Special)

11. Dreamcatcher: “Red Sun” (M Countdown, Ep. 653)

12. IZ*ONE: “Fiesta” (M Countdown Stage Comeback)

13. Rocket Punch: “Bouncy” (Inkigayo, February 23)

14. PENTAGON: “Dr. BeBe” (Inkigayo, February 23)

15. SF9: “Good Guy” (Inkigayo, January 19)

16. Dreamcatcher: “Scream” (Show! Music Core)

17. Cherry Bullet: “Hands Up” (Inkigayo, February 16)

18. Moonbyul: “Eclipse” (M Countdown, Ep. 652)