Just 20 Fun K-Pop Game Videos To Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

These should keep you entertained for a while!

Everyone has been stuck at home for a long time, and it’s getting harder and harder to stay entertained. Fortunately K-Pop exists, and an be a nice break from reality sometimes! A bunch of talented and creative people have made countless K-Pop game videos on YouTube, and here are 20 different ones to try out! Some are definitely more difficult than others, so you can easily pick and choose them as you please.

1. Guess the K-Pop song by it’s “baby”

Simple enough! All of these songs have the word “baby” in the lyrics, but guessing them might be harder than it sounds!

2. Guess the 4x sped up K-Pop song

This may not sound too terribly difficult, but 4x speed is incredibly fast!

3. Guess the K-Pop song by the emojis

You’ll be shown a series of emojis, and have to guess the song based off of what you see!

4. Guess the K-Pop song in 1 second

You’ll have to have really quick reflexes and good listening skills for this one.

5. Guess the K-Pop song by its instrumental

This may seem pretty straight-forward and easy, but some of these instrumental versions sound surprisingly different than the original!

6. Guess the K-Pop idols’ half-face

You’ll be shown one face made up up the halves of two different idols, and have to guess each half! Seems easy, right?

7. Guess the K-Pop choreography by its silhouette

You’ll be shown the still silhouettes of various K-Pop dances, and have to guess the song based off of those alone!

8. Guess the K-Pop song by it’s “na na na”

Similar to the “baby” game, this series of songs all have a “na na na” somewhere in them!

9. Guess the BTS song by its first word

These are only BTS songs, but they have a large discography, so this might be kind of difficult!

10. Guess the K-Pop song by its Google definition

The titles of these songs are described based on the Google definition of them, which is actually super tricky to guess!

11. Guess the K-Pop music video by its screenshot

It’s just as it sounds! You’ll see a screenshot from a music video and have to guess what it is based off of what you see.

12. Guess which male K-Pop idol is younger

Idols oftentimes look different than their actual age, so this is definitely a challenge!

13. Guess the K-Pop boy groups by their fandom name

This might be easy for some if you’re familiar with fandoms, but some are pretty out there!

14. Guess the K-Pop music video by car

How well do you remember the vehicles shown in various K-Pop music videos?

15. Guess the K-Pop idol by their real name

So many idol go by stage names vastly different than their birth name, how many of them do you know?

16. Guess the K-Pop group by its logo

Logos can change over time, how well have you been keeping up?

17. Guess the K-Pop song by its “yeah”

Just like the songs with “baby” and “na na na”, but with “yeahs”!

18. Guess the K-Pop idol by 3 faces in 1

If you thought guessing idols by just half of their face was hard, this one will be even trickier!

19. Guess the K-Pop song by its English phrase

A lot of K-Pop songs have iconic English phrases in them, how many do you know?

20. Guess the missing K-Pop group member

You’ll have to know all your K-Pop group members well to get these answers right!