Just 10+ Moments Of SEVENTEEN’s The8 With Pets To Satisfy Your Cuteness Craving

Animals? Cute. The8 with animals? Cuteness perfection!

Got that urge to look at cute things until the need to just squish them overwhelms you? SEVENTEEN‘s The8 is your guy. Not only is he simply adorable himself, he also loves taking photos with cats and dogs, taking the cuteness factor to its extreme. Just look at these 13 moments and try not to uwu!

1. The puppy’s smile just can’t compete with The8’s

2. Two babies!

3. Look how content that kitty is in his arms

4. He’s really at one with nature

5. They’re so fluffy!

6. Dogs really are this man’s best friend

7. How does he find pets wherever he goes?

8. Too soft & pure for this world

9. Big or small, The8 loves them all

10. Featuring Jun!

11. Who’s a good boy?

12. This might be the coziest photo ever

13. And they call it puppy love