Just 20 HD Photos Of BTS’s RM To Celebrate His Birthday

Happy birthday to our leader!

To celebrate BTS’s leader RM’s birthday, Big Hit Music dropped a series of HD photos from this past year. Let’s take a look at some amazing photos of our forever leader, RM!

1. Namjoon in his natural habitat

2. Leader vibes

3. RM looking crips in all-white

4. He always rocks a classic suit and tie

5. We love it when our Joonie smiles

6. RM in glasses is something we need more of

7. What a talented man

8. Keepin’ it casual

9. This hair color on RM though

10. Beanie RM

11. Clean cut

12. Namjoon in shades is an era of its own

13. Namjoon in glasses Pt.2

14. When RM goes from leader to Joonie

15. Close the gyms already!

16. He deserves everything and more!

17. Legendary blonde hair RM

18. Cuddly and cute

19. Now this is a vibe

20. The sun always shines after the rain!

May only good and happy things come your way! Happy birthday once again to our best leader, RM!

Source: Weverse