Just 15+ Pictures Of ATEEZ’s San On Stage To Prove He’s The King Of Intense Visuals And Performance

He’s not known as one of the most promising idols of the new generation for no reason.

ATEEZ‘s San has become one of the most praised and beloved idols of the new generation of K-Pop, and for good reason! The entire group is full of incredibly talented members, but San in particular stands out to fans for his insane stage presence, incredibly intense, energetic dancing, and his phenomenal facials while performing. Even though he’s not one of the main dancers in the group, some think that he should be! These 20 images are proof of how confident, effortless, and perfect he looks on stage.

1. This ethereal moment in white.

While performing on Inkigayo, someone captured this shot of San seeming to catch his breath in the most stunning way possible.

2. This intimate moment with Wooyoung.

This shot was taking on M! Countdown, during the part of the “Inception” choreography where he and Wooyoung caress each other’s faces. It’s moments like this that make the Woosan shippers go wild.

3. This riveting stare.

Anyone could be captivated by this look he gave fans during KCON LA in 2019!

4. This intensely focused moment.

This intro for “Answer” never gets old, like this time he performed it on M! Countdown.

5. This elegant, graceful moment.

He looks so incredibly light, graceful, and effortless in this moment during an ATEEZ concert in Seoul.

6. This wicked little grin.

He knows exactly how crazy fans can get over his incredible performance during ATEEZ’s concerts!

7. This sharp, intimidating look.

The fans during this concert earlier this year were so blessed to be able to see his intense gaze in person.

8. This tiny, knowing smirk.

He truly makes performing seem so easy and natural!

9. This intimate glance.

Can you imagine being captivated by this stare if you saw him live?

10. This genuine joy in performing!

He’s not all angst and intensity during performances! During the “Wonderland” era, the members were all clearly having a good tim in this moment.

11. This adorable heart.

Yet again, he proves he can pull off the cute look well during performances too!

12. This frightening Halloween look.

ATEEZ as a whole shook fans with their insane, spooky looks for Halloween, and San was no exception! He did a great job pulling of the mummy from The Mummy on M! Countdown last year.

13. This concentrated expression.

San’s hair is a performance in itself sometimes, like this moment during an ATEEZ concert last October!

14. This peek of bare skin.

San definitely knew what a tease he was being to fans when he bared his crazy-toned arm in this moment.

15. This cheeky peek of tongue.

Seonghwa might be better known for this habit, but San isn’t afraid to be a bit cheeky with his tongue too!

16. This cute heart.

Once again, he proves he’s the king of duality when performing in front of an audience!

17. This intense look.

San really has this intense, concentrated, intimidating stare down, doesn’t he?

18. This adorable smile.

But this is what he’s really like, even when he puts on a show of being angsty and intense!

19. And finally, this gorgeous smile.

He seems so genuinely at ease and happy to be on stage, and that’s what makes him such an incredible performer!