Just 20+ Pieces Of Amazing BTS Fanart To Celebrate Their “Stay Gold” Comeback

These ARMYs are crazy talented!

BTS recently came out with their newest song, “Stay Gold”, and fans are loving it! In order to celebrate the release, this list is compiled of a bunch of fanart made by extremely talented ARMYs. Some of the art is inspired by “Stay Gold”, but other pieces are drawn from older eras or other inspirations, and they’re all incredible. Enjoy these 20+ stunning pieces of BTS fanart!

1. This stunning drawing of RM by @artisqueer

2. This beautiful V painting made by @pastelthebug

3. This adorable cartoon of RM and Suga by @freshcloudee

4. This super bad-a** “Daechwita”-style AGUST D made by @explicit_sin


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we did not deserve daechwita yoongi… – #btsfanart#btsart#bts#btssuga#yoongi#minyoongi#yoongiart#btsfanart#digitalart

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5. These sweet flower crowned boys drawn by @blueplutos

6. This gorgeous watercolor piece of Jimin and Jungkook made by @elzana_torzan

7. This beautiful Jungkook painting created by @darr_choi

8. This gorgeous comparison of “Spring Day” and “Stay Gold” by @Randomsplashes

9. This amazing J-Hope piece created by @taeart_21


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Lets bring this back too . . . . . . . #btsfanart #btsart #btsdrawing #kpopfanart #kpopart #jhopefanart #btsjhope #armyfanart #jhopebts

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10. This adorable Jimin sketch created by @michellebr_arts


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Algo sencillo. #jimin ❤ . . . #btsfanart #parkjimin #anime #btsjimin #fanart #art #artist #draws #jimin

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11. These gorgeous “Spring Day” Jimin paintings made by @95duet

12. This stunning J-Hope painting made by @setashipper

13. This dark but beautiful painting of Suga from “Stay Gold” by @monixx9

14. This amazing RM creation made by @insidehope_


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Neon namjoon !! #namjoon #rm #bts #kpop #graphicedit #copeditors #copeeditors #ibispaintx #digitalart #btsfanart #rmfanart

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15. This stunning watercolor painting of V made by @ParkHiGee

16. This incredible cross-stitch RM piece created by @colorhoya


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hey guys! just passing by to say a few things:⁣ ⁣ first I’d like to thank everyone for all the nice compliments regarding my work, both here and on twitter! y’all are so lovely, really 🥰⁣ btw if anyone wanna buy this piece just let me know! ⁣ second, about this embroidery specifically! this was a project started for myself, something I decided to do during boring zoom classes and I honestly never intended for it to go viral in any way lmao but since it did yay ? it was my first attempt at cross stich, so I’m not exactly satisfied with the way it turned out color-wise :(⁣ ⁣ and third, please, I once again ask like I did on previous stories, if you see fanart on twitter CHECK THE REPLIES because people add instagram accounts and other links there which you can use to support artists like me. I know it’s usually an honest mistake when ig accounts repost twitter content without crediting further than the twt @, but seeing my work be reposted and getting thousands of likes on here without credit is just idk… kinda disappointing 😅⁣ ⁣ lastly, I’ve received a few messages on twitter regarding orders and so I just want to inform that as of now I am taking them! not many because embroidery takes time, but if you dm me we can further discuss prices, sizes, colors and so on.⁣ but I can’t dedicate all my time to this, so please be mindful that some styles and sizes, depending on complexity, might be a no! ⁣ again thank you for all the compliments and support small businesses and artists! don’t forget to donate to blm and yemen funds! ⁣ ⁣ love, flora 🧚🏼 . #bts #btsembroidery #btsarmy #namjoon #btsfanart #btsart #방탄소년단 #김남준 #남준 #embroidery #embroideryart #embroiderydesign #crossstitch #embroidered #handmade

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17. This adorable cartoony J-Hope drawn by @moo_no75

18. These pretty “Serendipity”-inspired Van designs made by @bangtangifts

19. This incredibly intricate AGUST D art drawn by @arii_arts

20. This amazng J-Hope piece made by @jemm_paint


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21. This pretty sparkly Jungkook painting created by @Nelts_twt

22. This incredible Jin portrait drawn by @juliakook_arts

23. And finally, this beautiful Jimin with butterflies drawing made by @eternal_vk