Just 20+ Times BTS’s Jimin Looked Way Too Adorable In Funny Fan-Gifted Headbands

He wears them like a crown.

BTS‘s “Mochi” Jimin always looks adorable, but the funny headbands fans give him at events take his squeal-factor to the next level. Here are 20+ times he looked cute enough to eat in headbands (okay, one is technically a hat, but we had to include it!).

1. Flower bunny Jimin

2. Rilakkuma Jimin (ft. Chimmy)

3. Apeach Jimin

4. Sweet devil Jimin

5. Pretty pumpkin Jimin

6. Bunny pumpkin Jimin

7. Swag bunny Jimin

8. ‘I Purple You’ bunny Jimin

9. Teeny tiny hat Jimin

10. Birb Jimin

11. Jiminnie Mouse

12. Wolf Jimin

13. Peeping bunny Jimin

14. Birb Jimin 2.0

15. Tiger Jimin

16. Puffball Jimin

17. Line Friends Jimin

18. Jiminnie Mouse 2.0

19. Duckie Jimin

20. Flower boy Jimin

21. Baby penguin Jimin