Just 25+ Pictures Of Wonho’s Incredible Muscular Physique To Inspire Your Workouts

He’s ridiculously buff and just seems to be getting more so every day.

It’s no secret that Wonho is one of the most insanely ripped idols in the K-Pop industry. While there are other idols that definitely work out and share their results (BM‘s Big Tiddy Committee, anyone?), Wonho has blessed fans with a ton of events and images that really put his muscles in the limelight! Whether you just like to appreciate hard-working idols or are looking for motivation for your own development, here are 25+ pictures of Wonho’s amazing physique to enjoy.

1. Here are some gym selfies to get motivation from!

2. He’s got arm muscles for days…

3. Can’t forget leg day!

4. Sometimes he just teases on stage…

5. Other times… Not so much

6. Seriously. Wonho’s body is insane, who wouldn’t want to show it off??

7. Feeling inspired yet?

8. How about… Now?

9. Keep up the hard work, Wonho!