Just 30 Pictures of BTS’s Jimin Looking Flawless In Every Color Of The Rainbow

There’s no color he can’t pull off.

Over BTS‘s many years long career, the boys have all worn countless different outfits for music videos, concerts, airport fashion, and a number of other events. Thanks to this, fans have seen all the members in nearly every color and shade imaginable! Of course, they all have such incredible visuals that they can pull off pretty much anything, but today the attention is on Jimin. He looks adorably soft and sweet in light pastels, absolutely stunning and gorgeous in deep jewel tones, and just looks plain incredible in anything and everything in between. Here are 30 images of the vocalist rocking every color of the rainbow.

1. Who else looks this stunningly hot in fiery reds?

2. Orange isn’t as common of a color to wear, but Jimin’s hair and clothes in the shade both make him look great.

3. Yellow brings out his bright, sweet visuals!

4. He’s worn all kinds of greens, and looked chic and classy in all of them.

5. Blues are super flattering for his doll-like complexion

6. King Jimin in royal purples, anyone?

7. Pink is an incredibly flattering shade on the singer, especially when paired with his pinky-coral colored hair!

8. He looks as ethereal as an angel in all white

9. Grays may be subdued, but he still shines in the color

10. And finally, classy black outfits of course just bring out Jimin’s gorgeousness even more