Just 5 Of Red Velvet Seulgi’s Cutest & Funniest Drunk Moments

You wouldn’t think such an amazing dancer could be this unstable!

Idols don’t generally drink often on camera, but when Seulgi does, something adorable or hilarious always happens. Here are 5 of her cutest and funniest drunk moments.

1. When she fell on her butt

During season 2 of Red Velvet’s reality show, Level Up Project, the members enjoyed a wine tasting. Then, they headed to a restaurant where they drank—you guessed it—even more wine. It wasn’t long until she was singing and dancing through the grass, prompting Wendy and Joy to call out, “Drunken Seulgi!”.

All that alcohol was definitely a little too much for Seulgi. When she saw Yeri taking a selfie in the field, she was determined to join. She ran over so fast, she promptly fell straight on butt!

Of course, ever the charismatic teddy bear, she styled it out by flashing a peace sign like nothing ever happened.

2. When she stumbled up the stairs

The members should’ve known Seulgi was getting a little too drunk before they even got to the field. At a wine tasting, it’s customary to spit the wine out after sampling it to avoid getting drunk. Red Velvet, on the other hand, decided to swallow every mouthful.

By the end of the experience, Seulgi and Irene were so tipsy, they could barely make it up the stairs together!

3. When she made cute faces

During Wendy and Seulgi’s Battle Trip episodes, the pair ate well and drank even better. Fans quickly noted how Seulgi makes the cutest faces when she’s drinking alcohol.

Even her body movements are adorable!

4. When she burst into tears

After Level Up Project season 2, the Red Velvet members held a live stream to commemorate their fun moments. When someone commented “Drunken Seulgi!”, Joy remembered a hilarious Seulgi drinking story.

Joy had gone to the convenience store and picked up a can of beer and two bottles of soju, Koreans’ favorite spirit. Seulgi asked if she could take a sip and drink with Joy, and of course Joy agreed.

Joy only stepped out for a moment, but by the time she got back, all the drinks were gone! Seulgi said she waited for an hour and assumed Joy wasn’t coming back, so she polished the alcohol off herself.

But that wasn’t all. Seulgi was so drunk, she ended up crying on Joy’s shoulders. During the live stream, Seulgi was quick to dismiss the story, saying she’s a much better drinker. But Irene called her out, revealing it didn’t happen that long ago.

5. When she was surrounded by kissing couples

On an episode of Knowing Bros during “Power Up” era, Yeri told the hosts a couple of funny drinking stories. She also mentioned that her favorite person to go drinking with is none other than her Seulgi-unnie.

After schedules, the two like to enjoy chimaek together—fried chicken and maekju, the Korean word for “beer”. Their favorite drinking spot? The banks of the Han River.

But Yeri was quick to point out that the only people who drink at the Han River at night like they do are couples who spend the whole night kissing! The two of them must’ve felt a little awkward as the only solos around.

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