Just 9 Gifs Of BTS’s Jin Ignoring The Rules Of Big Hit Entertainment

Jin literally doesn’t give a f*ck.

BTS‘s Jin is never shy on confidence, where it seems that he lives by his own rules.

Jin has also shown himself breaking some rules at Big Hit Entertainment, here are 10 of those moments.

1. Cutting his hair

2. Being playful with his manager

3. Jin picking his outfits

4. Questioning Bang Si Hyuk

Jin wasn’t breaking a rule here, but how safe is it for someone to diss the head of their company?

5. Wanting to dye his hair

6. Calling Bang Si Hyuk cheap

Again, how many people can just diss the head of their company?

7. Refusal to trim his hair


8. Getting his alcohol

Jimin told Jin that they weren’t allowed to drink alcohol during broadcasts, but that didn’t stop him.

9. Jin’s honesty

Extra: Jungkook dyeing his hair