JYP Entertainment Rejected These 5 Trainees… Now They’re World Famous Idols

JYP is probably regretting it now…

Despite being big names in the K-Pop world, these singers and idols faced complications on their road to debut. Before finding their homes in their current companies and reaching stardom, they actually originally auditioned for JYP Entertainment, and were ultimately rejected.

1. BTS’s J-Hope

Before debuting with the popular idol group BTS, J-Hope auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2009. While he was not offered a contract, his dreams did not end there. He became an official trainee for Big Hit Entertainment in 2010 and debuted three years later with the group the whole world knows, BTS.

2. EXO’s Xiumin

The line up of EXO could have been entirely different had Xiumin been accepted as a trainee for JYP Entertainment when he auditioned in 2008. Fortunately for Xiumin, that didn’t mark the end of his career as he was cast by SM Entertainment after participating in S.M.’s Everysing Contest later that year.


DEAN is one of the most well-known solo artists at the moment. Before making his debut as a solo artist, however, he was actually rejected by JYP Entertainment. DEAN auditioned for JYP Entertainment when he was only 17 years old, but was rejected and a year later began writing songs for K-Pop acts such as EXO and VIXX.

4. GFRIEND’s Yuju

Yuju auditioned for the first season of K-Pop Star, and while Yang Hyun Suk gave her praise, she was immediately shot down by Park Jin Young for her average singing and dancing, and failed to advance further in the show.

JYP failed a young girl during an audition but now she’s a top level K-Pop idol

5. IU

Before being one of the most well known and successful solo singers, IU was on a very bumpy road to stardom. She had performed at 20 auditions, including JYP over the course of two years and was rejected every time.

Fortunately, Loen Entertainment recognized her talent, signed her in 2007, and debuted her in 2008. Park Jin Young revealed that he fully regrets his decision as she is full of both charm and talent.