Meet 6 JYP Entertainment Trainees Who May Be In The New Girl Group’s Lineup

There’s already a lot of possible talent in JYP’s new girl group 😲

JYP Entertainment has now announced that it will be debuting a new girl group in 2022, just three years after ITZY hit the scene. Under by a new company division headed by Lee Ji Young (JYP Entertainment’s first female director), the new girl group is currently known by the temporary project name JYPn—but who will be in the lineup? Here are six known trainees under the company who many expect to see in the group next year.

1. Lily

Lily Jin Morrow, sometimes referred to as Lily M, is one of the most well-known female trainees under JYP Entertainment. Born in October 2002, the 18-year-old is half-Korean, half-Australian.


Although she’s yet to debut, you may recognize her from K-POP STAR 4, where she wowed the judges with covers of songs by Taylor Swift, 2NE1, and more. Then just 12 years old, Lily made it to the top four before she was sadly eliminated—but luckily, she signed a contract with JYP Entertainment soon after.

Since then, she’s already begun making her mark on the music industry, recording two OSTs for KBS‘s Orange Marmalade several years ago.

Many expected Lily to debut with ITZY, so those keeping up with JYP Entertainment trainees are even more sure that the new girl group will finally give her a chance at debuting.

J.Y. Park with Lily
Lily (far left) with ITZY’s Chaeryeong (center left) and former IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon (far right)

2. Yuna

Another trainee you may already recognize is Ahn Yuna. Half-Japanese and half-Korean, 17-year-old Yuna was a finalist on Nizi Project—the show that formed JYP Entertainment’s Japanese “K-Pop 3.0” group NiziU.

Yuna | @you_nd_na/Instagram

Yuna ranked 6th overall in the finale of Nizi Project Part 1but was sadly eliminated in the finals of Part 2. Before becoming a trainee back in early 2017, 2004-born Yuna was a child actress and a model.

If Yuna does debut in the new girl group, she’s expected to be the group’s main or lead rapper. It’s also likely that she’ll use a stage name, as ITZY already has a member called Yuna.

Yuna | @you_nd_na/Instagram

Fun fact: As young children, Lily and Yuna both appeared together on English EGG, an educational South Korean television show.

3. Haewon

Haewon (whose full name is believed to be Oh Haewon) is another long-time JYP Entertainment trainee expected to possibly debut in the new girl group. Born sometime in 2003, Haewon is around 18 years old and could be one of the group’s visuals as well as a lead vocalist.


Haewon was reportedly the most-loved trainee at one of JYP Entertainment’s past trainee showcases, so many are hoping she’ll definitely be in the lineup. Not much has been seen from Haewon so far, but followers were impressed by a surfaced video of her singing at the age of 11.

4. Hayul

18-year-old Lee Hayul was born in 2003. At JYP Entertainment’s last trainee showcase, Hayul was injured and unable to perform, standing in as an MC instead.


However, despite not seeing much of her recently, many followers still believe she’s a likely candidate for the new girl group’s lineup. Her possible position is yet unknown, but visual is a common suggestion.

Hayul (left)

5. Yunjin

Choi Yunjin has been a trainee under JYP Entertainment for around six years already. With so much experience at the company, the 17-year-old would definitely be a great candidate for debut now.

Yunjin for JYP Entertainment’s trainee showcase (2019) | JYP Entertainment

Back in 2019, Yunjin had a small role in 2PM Nichkhun‘s “Lucky Charm” music video. She’s also been pictured in several training videos used by founder J.Y. Park in his conferences.

6. Gyujin

Jang Gyujin is another trainee who gained popularity at JYP Entertainment’s trainee showcases.


However, she’s only around 14 or 15 years old. While ITZY’s Yuna also debuted at the age of 15, many think Gyujin’s age puts her chance of debuting in the company’s new girl group in jeopardy.