8 Highly-Anticipated K-Dramas Set To Air In August 2023

There’s a bit of every genre to spice up your watchlist.

From romantic fantasy to action-packed thrillers, here are eight Korean dramas confirmed to be released in August 2023.

1. Behind Your Touch — August 12

The supernatural K-Drama follows a veterinarian (Han Ji Min) who’s gifted with the superpower of psychometry (sensing thoughts through touch). She teams up with a detective (Lee Min Ki) to solve murder cases, also encountering a mysterious part-time convenience store worker (EXO‘s Suho).

2. Elegant Empire — August 7

Starring Han Ji Wan, Kim Jin Woo, Kang Yul, and Son Sung Yoon, the 100-episode series is centered on a man and woman who fall in love as they pursue revenge.

3. The First Responders 2 — August 4

The show’s main cast of a detective (Kim Rae Won), a firefighter (Son Ho Jun), and a paramedic (Gong Seung Yeon) team up once again for a second season to solve even more cases.

4. Destined With You — August 23

SF9‘s Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah star in the romantic fantasy Destined With You, where a female civil servant has the key to breaking the curse of a hotshot lawyer.

5. National Death Penalty Vote — August 10

A lead investigator (Park Hae Jin), a legal scholar-turned-murderer (Park Sung Woong), and a police officer (Lim Ji Yeon) become connected as an unknown figure begins to execute criminals based on the votes of the public. The K-Drama is an adaptation of a webtoon.

6. My Lovely Boxer — August 21

In My Lovely Boxer, a straightforward sports agent (Lee Sang Yeob) takes on the task of making an undefeated female boxer (Kim So Hye) return to the spotlight after her sudden disappearance.

7. My Dearest — August 4

The historical romance centers on a mysterious man (Nam Goong Min) who suddenly appears in high society and falls in love with a woman (Ahn Eun Jin) from a noble family.

8. Moving — August 9

Adapted from Kang Pool‘s webtoon, Moving follows the struggle of three high school students with supernatural abilities—and their parents who protect them from being used for evil.