8 Highly Anticipated K-Dramas To Watch In March

Famous actors are making their quick returns with new dramas.

Check out the details on eight of the most anticipated K-Dramas you’ll want to add to your watchlist in March 2024.

1. Wonderful World — March 1

Kim Nam Joo and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo star in the revenge drama about a mother seeking justice for the unfair death of her son—after the legal system fails her.

kdrama march 2024 astro cha eunwoo kim nam joo

2. Queen of Tears — March 9

Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun take on a romantic comedy about a couple who rekindle their love after a crisis in their marriage.

kdrama march 2024 queen of tears 2

kdrama march 2024 queen of tears 1

3. Night Photo Studio — March 11

Joo Won plays a photographer who runs a photo studio for ghosts, while idol-turned-actor Kwon Na Ra is the lawyer who ends up in a partnership with him.

kdrama march 2024 night photo studio

4. Chicken Nugget — March 15

Ryu Seung Ryong becomes a father in crisis after his daughter (Kim Yoo Jung) is accidentally turned into a chicken nugget by a machine and uses the help of his intern (Ahn Jae Hong) to reverse it.

kdrama march 2024 chicken nugget

5. Grabbed by the Collar — March 18

Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin, and Jang Seung Jo star in the web novel adaptation of a famous reporter accused of murdering her husband’s mistress.

kdrama march 2024 grabbed by the collar

6. The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection — March 22

The cast of The Escape of the Seven returns for a second season to continue their spree of revenge.

7. Beauty and the Devoted — March 23

Im Soo Hyang plays a famous actress who’s just hit rock bottom but is slowly brought back into the spotlight by a drama PD (Ji Hyun Woo) who has fallen in love with her.

kdrama march 2024 beauty devoted

8. Hide — March 23

Lee Bo Young takes on the role of a woman who seeks the truth behind her husband’s sudden disappearance.

kdrama march 2024 hide

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