15 K-Dramas To Binge On Netflix In Summer 2020

Comedies? Mysteries? Romance? Netflix has your K-Drama fix.

Looking for something to watch this summer? Netflix has shows from every genre to quench your thirst for K-Dramas. Some are currently airing, others are complete, but these shows are all binge-worthy. Check them out!

1. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Status: currently airing. What do you get when a witch of a fairytale writer (who suffers from an anti-social personality disorder) charges into the life of a psychiatric ward caretaker? Not a love story. At least, not quite. This unusual romance has gothic, supernatural overtones that will make you wonder what is real.

2. Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Status: currently airing. Do you love ragtag crews, comedy, and ghosts who infiltrate humans’ dreams? Welcome to Mystic Pop-Up Bar, where a bad-tempered ghost and a part-time employee with an unusual gift help their customers resolve their problems…more or less.

3. Extracurricular

Status: complete. Extracurricular is a teen crime drama that follows a high school student who runs an illegal prostitution business to earn money for college. His ambitions lead him down a dark and dangerous road. Want to come along for the ride?

4. Itaewon Class

Status: complete. An ex-con and his friends fight again the odds, and a powerful competitor, to turn the bar they have dreamed of opening into a lucrative reality.

5. The King: Eternal Monarch

Status: currently airing. Parallel universes and Lee Minho. What’s not to love? In this time-bending K-Drama, a fictional Korea ruled by royalty collides with modern-day Korea when an emperor crosses paths with a police lieutenant.

6. My Holo Love

Status: complete. This high tech love story is anything but artificial. If you thought you couldn’t fall in love with a hologram, you might have a change of heart after following the blossoming romance between an ordinary woman who comes to possess a pair of special glasses and a hologram named…wait for it…Holo. Things get messy when Holo’s creator and character model enters her life in search of the glasses.

7. Rugal

Status: complete. This K-Drama is based on a popular webcomic of the same name that follows a police officer who fights to bring down a dangerous criminal organization. It’s full of revenge, retaliation, and more!

8. Hospital Playlist

Status: complete. If you need a new medical K-Drama in your life, check out Hospital Playlist. It tells the story of doctors and nurses who have been friends since medical school.

9. Hyena

Status: complete. In Hyena, two extremely competitive lawyers battle it out to win cases for their extremely rich clients at all costs. They are hyenas in every sense of the word, using every tool at their disposal to reach the top. (And yes, there are some steamy moments!)

10. When The Camellia Blooms

Status: complete. When a potential new love interest enters a single mother’s life, she strives to defy the social stigmas placed on her by her small town’s society. It’s a heartfelt story for hopeless romantics everywhere.

11. Crash Landing On You

Status: complete. Speaking of hopeless romantics, what’s more romantic than the classic Romeo & Juliet set-up? When an heiress from South Korea accidentally crashlands in North Korea, she meets a handsome North Korean soldier who makes the life-changing decision to hide her rather than turn her into the authorities.

12. Stranger

Status: complete. A surgery to fix a boy’s hypersensitivity to sound leaves him unable to feel empathy, but that boy grows up to become a righteous prosecutor immune to bribery and corruption. He teams up with a police officer, who comes to understand his lacking social skills, to solve a mysterious murder case.

13. The Secret Life of My Secretary

Status: complete. An executive with deep pockets and a difficult to deal with personality ends up developing face blindness. He mistakes his secretary for an heiress when she shows up to his blind (excuse the irony) date, and let’s just say that things get out of hand.

14. Romance Is A Bonus Book

Status: complete. In this beloved noona romance, a divorcee in need of a job moves in with her longtime friend, a publishing company’s young editor-in-chief. The leads’ chemistry will make you swoon and say that age is just a number!

15. Hymn Of Death

Status: complete. Another Lee Jong Suk drama? Don’t mind if we do! This show tells the true story of Korea’s first professional soprano singer, and her romance with a playwright played by Lee Jong Suk.