The K-Dramas With The Highest Ratings Among International Viewers

These five dramas captivated global audiences.

While there’s been a dedicated and large fanbase overseas for Korean dramas for years, there’s been a marked increase in interest as of late, with Forbes reporting that the U.S. alone saw a 200% increase in K-Drama viewership between 2019 and 2021.

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With K-Dramas reaching a larger global audience, Korean talent and content are receiving increased recognition and acclaim.

Hit shows and movies such as Squid Game, The Glory, Parasite, and All Of Us Are Dead have all received global critical acclaim as interest in Korean entertainment continues to grow.

Recently, the highest-rated Korean dramas overseas have been earning attention. Check out the top 5 below!

5. Mr. Sunshine

Promotional poster for “Mr. Sunshine.”

The 2018 hit historical K-Drama Mr. Sunshine featured a star-studded cast and received an 8.7/10 rating overall on IMDb.

4. Hospital Playlist

Promotional poster for “Hospital Playlist” season 2.

Hospital Playlist currently has two seasons, with many hoping for an additional season. Over the series, viewers fell in love with the charming ensemble cast, and the show earned an IMDb rating of 8.8/10.

3. Alchemy Of Souls

Promotional poster for “Alchemy of Souls.”

The fantasy-genre 2022 K-Drama Alchemy Of Souls was released in two parts and captivated audiences with its fictional world of Daeho and its intriguing occupants.

The series earned an IMDb rating of 8.8/10.

2. My Mister

Promotional poster for “My Mister.”

The 2018 psychological drama My Mister stars IU and Parasite actor Lee Sun Kyun, who form an unexpected bond as they heal from their past together.

The touching drama earned an IMDb rating of 9.1/10.

1. Reply 1988

Promotional poster for “Reply 1988.”

The 2015 K-Drama Reply 1988 was the third installment in the Reply series, which premiered with Reply 1997 in 2012.

Reply 1988 became one of the highest-rated K-Dramas of all time with its lovable, star-studded cast and slice-of-life style.

The show earned a 9.2/10 rating on IMDb.

Source: Forbes and kdramaworld