8 Highly Anticipated K-Dramas Set To Air In October 2023

From comedy to thriller, here are all the dramas you need to watch out for.

From crime thrillers to romantic comedies, here are eight Korean dramas confirmed to be released in October 2023.

1. The Deal — October 6

Adapted from Woonam20‘s webtoon, The Deal is a crime thriller about two young men who kidnap their friend for a ₩10 billion KRW ($7.5 million USD) ransom.

2. Strong Girl Nam Soon — October 7

The K-Drama is a spin-off of the popular drama Strong Girl Bong Soon, with Nam Soon being a cousin of the previous main character, Do Bong Soon. After going missing in Mongolia as a child and inheriting superhuman strength, Nam Soon returns to Korea in search of her parents.

3. A Good Day to Be a Dog — October 11

Starring ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, Park Gyu Young, and Lee Hyun Woo, the webtoon adaptation follows a female teacher with an unusual family curse. Making her love life complicated, she turns into a dog whenever she’s kissed.

4. Evilive — October 14

Actor Shin Ha Kyun takes on the role of a struggling lawyer who finds cases by visiting prisoners. He ends up taking the case of an evil criminal who brings out his hidden dark side.

5. Doona! — October 20

Starring Suzy, Doona! is a romantic comedy about a college student who’s living next door to a famous K-Pop idol who recently announced her retirement.

A college student navigates life and school while dealing with a unique predicament—he’s living with a beautiful former K-pop idol.

— Netflix

6. Castaway Diva — October 21

Growing up on an island, a young girl dreamed of becoming a singer and set out for Seoul to make it come true. Along the way, she gets stuck on a deserted island for fifteen years before being rescued. Castaway Diva follows her adjustment to the unfamiliar world.

7. Moon in the Day — October 25

Moon in the Day is a fantasy romance that begins when a top male star gets into a car accident while filming an advertisement. He’s saved by a female firefighter but becomes possessed by an angry spirit—a nobleman from the Silla period who was murdered by his wife.

8. Perfect Marriage Revenge — October 28

Adapted from a webtoon, the K-Drama is centered around a woman in a loveless marriage who discovers that her husband is in love with her younger sister. When she decides to take action, a car accident seemingly ends her life. In Perfect Marriage Revenge, she’s transported back in time and given the chance to get revenge by marrying a wealthy heir.


Although promotional images and teasers haven’t been released, The Third Marriage and The Wedding Battle are slated for release on October 23 and October 30, respectively.