K-Netizens Rank The Top 10 Girl Group Idols Who’d Look Handsome If They Were Men

They look surprisingly good.

Exciting DC recently asked K-netizens to rank which girl group members would look handsome as men, and the results did not disappoint. To see if their votes are right, we’ve edited their pictures to see what they’d really look like as guys.

#10. Saerom (fromis_9)

Saerom from fromis_9 ranked #10 on the poll with 1.9% of the votes. Saerom’s sharp features definitely look just as good in male form.

Saerom as a woman:

Saerom as a man:

#9. Kei (Lovelyz)

Kei from Lovelyz ranked #9 on the poll with 2.6% of the votes. As a guy, Kei looks like he’d have a funny and mischievous personality.

Kei as a woman:

Kei as a man:

#8. Yuju (GFRIEND)

Yuju from GFRIEND ranked #8 on the poll with 3.4% of the votes. Hello Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome.

Yuju as a woman:

Yuju as a man:

#7. Chaewon (IZ*ONE)

Chaewon from IZ*ONE ranked #7 on the poll with 5.3% of the votes. With those soft features, Chaewon looks like a friendly guy you’d love to date.

Chaewon as a woman:

Chaewon as a man:

#6. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie from BLACKPINK ranked #6 on the poll with 7.9% of the votes. It’s hard to imagine Jennie’s cute, feminine face could look good in male form too, but the pictures don’t lie.

Jennie as a woman:

Jennie as a man:

#5. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi from Red Velvet ranked #5 on the poll with 8.6% of the votes. Seulgi is known for her androgynous fashion sense, so that may be why netizens think she’d look great as the opposite gender.

Seulgi as a woman:

Seulgi as a man:

#4. Yeji (ITZY)

Yeji from ITZY ranked #4 on the poll with 9.0% of the votes. Yeji’s eyes look just as piercing in male form.

Yeji as a woman:

Yeji as a man:

#3. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Doyeon from Weki Meki ranked #3 on the poll with 9.8% of the votes. As a man or a woman, Doyeon certainly has unique visuals.

Doyeon as a woman:

Doyeon as a man:

#2. IU

IU ranked #2 on the poll with 19.5% of the votes. As a man, IU would that make IU the “Nation’s Little Brother”?

IU as a woman:

IU as a man:

#1. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon from TWICE hit the top spot on the poll, ranking #1 with a staggering 32% of the votes. Jeongyeon debuted with a tomboy style that she kept for much of her career, so it makes sense that netizens have always thought she’d look great as a guy too.

Jeongyeon as a woman:

Jeongyeon as a man:

Source: Exciting DC