K-Netizens Ranked The Top 10 Female Korean Stars Who Look Perfect In A Hanbok

Hanbok will never go out of style as long as they’re around.

These days, most celebrities only wear hanbok (Korean traditional dress) for Chuseok celebrations or period dramas. But, when they do, they look undeniably gorgeous. According to over 5,000 Korean netizens who voted on Exciting DC, here’s the definitive ranking of the top 10 female stars who look just perfect in hanbok styling.

10. Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin ranked 10th with 2% of the votes. Park wowed viewers with her beautiful hanbok visuals during SBS‘s Secret Door back in 2014.


9. Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won ranked 9th with 3% of the votes. After donning hanbok for MBC‘s Damo, KBS2‘s Hwang Jini, and more, Ha was named the promotional ambassador for Hanbok Day in 2015.


8. Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo ranked 8th with 5% of the votes. Han’s hanbok looks in the 2016 movie Love, Lies were undeniably elegant.

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7. Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri ranked 7th with 5% of the votes. Kim was credited with reintroducing the beauty of hanbok after starring in the 2018 tvN series Mr. Sunshine.

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6. IU

Singer-songwriter IU ranked 6th with 6% of the votes. IU’s most iconic hanbok styling has to be from her stint on SBS drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo in 2016.

5. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung ranked 5th with 6% of the votes. Kim has been showing how gorgeous Korean traditional dress looks on people of all ages since her child modeling days.

4. Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won ranked 4th with 10% of the votes. After starring in two period projects early in her career, Moon was nominated for Best Dressed at the Korea Lifestyle Awards for boosting the hanbok industry.

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3. Han Ji Min

Han Ji Min ranked 3rd with 12% of the votes. She’s donned hanbok in multiple period dramas, from MBC’s 2017 show Lee San, Wind of the Palace to SBS’s 2012 show Rooftop Prince.


2. Shin Se Kyung

Shin Se Kyung ranked 2nd with 17% of the votes. Shin was appointed the Hanbok Day ambassador in 2017 and mesmerized everyone with her iconic styling in Our Clothes We Want To Wear, Hanbok magazine the following year.

| Our Clothes We Want to Wear, Hanbok

1. Suzy

And soloist Suzy secured 1st place with 23% of the votes. Suzy’s hanbok pictorial from a 2015 issue of 1st Look magazine is still iconic to this day.

Source: Exciting DC