10 Times EXO Kai’s Truly Earned His “Magic Hands” Nickname

SHINee’s Taemin would be so proud.

SM Entertainment is home to some of the most notorious klutzes in K-Pop, and EXO‘s Kai is definitely one of them. He inherited his “magic hands” nickname from his senior, SHINee‘s Taemin, because, like Taemin, Kai’s hands lose or break whatever they touch!


1. When he snapped this microphone in Macau

During a recent concert in Macau, Kai’s mic flew right off his mic stand in the middle of “Boomerang”.

He looked totally bewildered, but couldn’t do anything about it. The show must go on!

The best part was when the members switched places. Chanyeol ended up with Kai’s empty mic stand!


2. When he lost control of this lightstick

Kai threw this (very expensive) lightstick right into the audience. Hopefully, no EXO-Ls were harmed in the making of this moment!


3. When he flipped this umbrella inside out

It’s not his fault. Kai just doesn’t know his own strength!


4. When he knocked this board off this wall

On an episode of Knowing Bros. Kai pretended to teleport by running back and forcing across the classroom. He was so embarrassed by this silly attempt that he accidentally knocked a board off the classroom’s wall while trying to hide his face.


5. When he pulled the earmuffs off this doll…


6. …and maimed another one!

What did that poor plushie ever do to him?


7. When he nearly started a fire while barbequing

All right, who is responsible for letting Kai cook? Fess up!


8. When he explained the reason for his unusual fashion accessory


9. When he twisted the top off this mic

That concert in Macau isn’t the only time Kai has broken his mic. He’s a repeat offender! The tech team must just love him.


10. Every time he misplaced his passport

If EXO’s managers go gray early in life, it will probably be Kai’s doing.