16 Incredibly Good Reasons Why You Should Stan Kang Daniel

He’s just too lovable not to.

1. He gets embarrassed by his own aegyo


2. He can rap with a Busan accent


3. His b-boying is insane


4. His killer rapping! Obviously!


5. His abs aren’t too bad either…


6. He loves cats…


7. …and kind of looks like one


8. Like a cat, Kang Daniel is easily amused…


9. …and a little evil (in a cute way)


10. He laughs at everything, but can’t explain why


11. He can fall asleep anywhere


12. He has this adorable hidden talent


13. His reaction to bugs never fails to amuse


14. He tries his hardest to win even the most ridiculous games


15. He is always so good to his fans…


16. …and he wears all the silly presents they give him!

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