10+ Sexiest Things Kang Daniel Ever Wore In Public

WARNING: Hot enough to burn.

Kang Daniel is a visual king who can pull off just about any outfit. Here are 20+ of our personal picks for his sexiest looks so far!


1. This firetruck red suit


2. This school uniform inspired outfit


3. This legendary crop top


4. This white button up, black slacks, and the dance move that goes with them!


5. This midnight black outfit


6. This silver studded blue uniform


7. This black jumper with pink accents


8. This sparkling red velvet blazer


9. This black trimmed button up with a choker and black pants


10. This plaid shirt


11. This white and gold uniform with leather gloves


12. This zippered blazer with leather sleeves


13. This classic gray suit, sans jacket


14. This crimson Chanel suit…


15. …and the white version


16. This police uniform with combat boots


17. This chest harness


18. This red-trimmed, blue suit that matches his hair perfectly


19. This snazzy suit with gold details


20. This sexy yet simple suit with an open collar


21. This classic gentleman look accessorised with a cane


22. This “M” shirt that allows for the perfect ab flash!

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