Kep1er Chooses ITZY As The Artist With The “Coolest” Stages, And We Totally Understand Why

Here’s how many members picked ITZY.

Kep1er recently guested on MBC‘s Weekly Idol where they played games, covered other group’s songs, and introduced themselves.

As with the usual Weekly Idol program, they were also asked to fill in a form with several idol-related questions. One of them was, “What idol stage did you think was cool recently?”

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Out of the nine Kep1er members, four of them mentioned ITZY. Check out which stages they loved most below.

1. Mashiro: ITZY’s Year End Stage

First up, it’s no surprise that Mashiro picked ITZY given her history as a former JYP Entertainment trainee who practiced with them.

ITZY performed their 2021 tracks “LOCO” and “In the morning” in year end award shows like MAMA, KBS Song Festival, and more, easily going viral for their charisma and creativity.

In the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards alone, the members were praised for their expressions and overall stage quality.

Like the supportive friend that she is, Mashiro even knew the steps to their songs like “LOCO,” proudly dancing to it during Weekly Idol.

She also commented in a separate video that she hopes to do the “WA DA DA” challenge with ITZY one day.

2. Xiaoting: ITZY – In the morning

Xiaoting is another MIDZY! Her top pick was “In the morning,” a song that perfectly captures ITZY’s girl crush expertise. She seemed to have a hard time choosing between this one and “LOCO,” eventually settling on the more intense concept.

3. Chaehyun: ITZY – LOCO

Chaehyun, meanwhile, named “LOCO” as the song that had the most eye-catching performance.

She also knew the moves when Dayeon, Mashiro, and Younggeun danced to it during the show.

4. Yujin: ITZY

Finally, Yujin didn’t have any specific song or stage in mind but instead acknowledged ITZY’s talents as a whole.

In total, Mashiro, Xiaoting, Chaehyun, and Yujin all loved ITZY’s performances the most!

From Left to Right: Mashiro, Xiaoting, Chaehyun, and Yujin | Inkigayo & Show Champion