Wanna One’s Jaehwan Has Fans Literally Telling Him What To Wear Everyday

He follows it to the T.

Wanna One Kim Jaehwan‘s fans decided to give him the gift of style. They presented him a lookbook to help him style the clothes they had gifted him.

Jaehwan has talked about working hard to match the looks that fans wanted to see him in.

“My fans have a certain style they want to see me in. I look at it, try to match it, and then wear it!”

— Jaehwan on his lookbook

Wanna One seems to be aware of it as well, as Daniel was seen mimicking Jaehwan looking at the book.

Here are some of the looks Jaehwan personally followed:

1. I’ll Forget You Rock Chic Look

2. A Cutie’s Practice Look

3. “That” Sunbae from the Department of Practical Music Look

4. Water Dumpling’s Cute Casual Look

5. Successful Businessman’s Classic Look

6. Baby Goat’s Cutie Look

Source: Nate Pann