Kim Jaejoong Chooses The 3 K-Pop Idols He Thinks Deserve The Title Of “Visual Shock,” And Here Are His Picks

Do you agree with his picks?

Second-generation idol K-Pop Kim Jaejoong has been in the K-Pop industry for years and has gained the nickname “Visual Shock” for his handsome looks and flawless visuals. Even after being in the business for so long, fans can’t help but admire his visuals. Some have even called him the “OG Visual” of K-Pop.

In a recent video, Kim Jaejoong sat down with the K-POP Fangirling Reporter YouTube channel and answered some questions about his life. One of those was which idols he wanted to pass his nickname of “Visual Shock” to, and here are his three picks.

1. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

The first person Kim Jaejoong picked was ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, and he is not the only person who has praised Eunwoo for his dazzling visuals. Yet, rather than calling him a “visual genius,” Kim Jaejoong referred to his visuals as “crazy,” and there is no denying that is a fitting adjective. Even without makeup, Eunwoo shines with his dazzling good looks and unbeatable charm that fans agree are some of the best in the industry.

Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO | @eunwo.o_c/ Instagram

2. L (Infinite)

Although Kim Jaejoong had to admit that all of the Infinite members are handsome, he singled out L. Since his debut, L’s visuals have stood out, with his height, dimples, and distinct features. He also seems to be the complete package with his talent, charisma, and personality, and these qualities are definitely worthy of “Visual Shock!”

L from Infinite | @kim_msl/ Instagram


His final pick was a lot harder, and, in the end, he chose all of the members of VIXX! Many fans sometimes struggle to choose a single visual in the group and, with the word “visual” in their group name, it is no surprise that the “Visual Shock” works so well. Even almost ten years after their debut, the members still look as handsome as ever!

The members of VIXX | @vixx_stagram/ Instagram
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