Kim Seon Ho Shares 3 Of The Biggest Differences Between Him And His “Start-Up” Character Han Ji Pyeong

The last one is quite heartwarming!

Actor Kim Seon Ho has gained a lot of fame this year due to his portrayal of the character Han Ji Pyeong in the K-Drama Start-Up.

In a recent interview with Netflix, Kim Seon Ho revealed some of the biggest differences between himself and Han Ji Pyeong.

| @seonho__kim/Instagram

He started by talking about how Han Ji Pyeong is very fancy when it comes to fashion, as the character is almost always wearing suits. However, Kim Seon Ho’s fashion is vastly different, as he shared that he tends to wear tracksuits.

| Netflix Asia/YouTube

Another difference is that Han Ji Pyeong usually styles his hair before he goes out, while Kim Seon Ho tends to just wash his hair and go out.

| Netflix Asia/YouTube

The final difference Kim Seon Ho spoke about was that Han Ji Pyeong tends to say a lot of harsh words to people, but Kim Seon Ho himself isn’t like this.

| Netflix Asia/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!

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