Here Are 10 Times The Groups Participating In “Kingdom” Forgot They Were In A Competition

That’s how fans liked it!

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When Mnet first announced their new series Kingdom, many thought it would be a cut-throat competition that saw six teams battle for supremacy. In reality, there were many heartwarming moments where the idols just had fun and supported each other.

From forming friendships, enjoying each other’s performances, and giving words of advice, here are ten times the groups on Kingdom forgot they were participating in a competition.

1. BTOB cemented their status as mood makers from the very beginning.

It was clear that some of the groups were nervous, but the members of BTOB made sure that they all felt comfortable and at ease amongst each other.

| Mnet/YouTube

2. Sometimes, it was just about enjoying the performances from the other groups.

Seeing the reaction of Stray KidsHan and ATEEZ‘s Seonghwa during BTOB‘s “Missing You” performance was so pure. It also proved just how much emotion the group has when they perform.

| Mnet/YouTube

3. Swapping songs with iKON was more about living a dream for ATEEZ than anything else.

Even before the show started, ATEEZ was excited to hopefully watch iKON perform. Not only did that dream come true, but they were able to cover a song that meant a lot to all of them.

| Mnet/YouTube
| Mnet/YouTube

4. Not even separate rooms can stop the love between the groups.

One of the brightest and blossoming friendships throughout the series was between SF9 and iKON. It started all way back at the beginning of the series and continued until the very end.

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5. Nobody can forget the iconic friendship between ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and Stray Kids’ Changbin.

The two were inseparable from the moment they first stepped into the studio, and they gave fans some memorable moments throughout the episodes.

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6. Sports Day saw a bunch of idols having fun and the creation of a new unit!

It started as a competition within a competition but ended up with fans seeing all their favorite idols have a day off from all the hard work. We also saw the creation of a new F4 which would give the original show a run for their money.

| Mnet/YouTube

7. Everyone fell for Jongho’s vocal skills!

Despite being one of the youngest on the show, ATEEZ’s Jongho showed off his breathtaking vocals making everyone fall in love with him, including iKON’s Bobby.

| Mnet/YouTube 

8. The handsomeness of Minhyuk flustered everyone at some point.

Whether on stage or during the friendship test, every one of the idols seemed to get blinded by Minhyuk’s stunning visuals and spectacular performance presence.

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9. iKON’s Bobby became a whole mood and was just enjoying life!

There was not a single episode where Bobby didn’t prove to be the most relatable person in the competition from his reactions, expressions, and general charisma.

| Mnet/YouTube

10. At the end of the day, all of the groups supported each other and have made friends for life!

Even on the final, all of the groups showed how supportive they were of each other, and there is no denying that these relationships will continue in the future.

| Mnet/YouTube
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