Do You Know These 5 BLACKPINK Inside Jokes

You’re a proud BLINK if you already knew these jokes.

Although BLACKPINK only debuted three years ago, they’ve given BLINKs a wealth of inside jokes that they can laugh about together. We’ve assembled a list of five fan-favorite inside jokes to make you smile. 😂


In this moment, Lisa says “yadom” (nasal spray)…

But their manager heard her say “yadong” (porn), making everyone crack up.

Even after trying to pronounce it more clearly, everyone still misheard the word and encouraged her to simply say “nasal spray”.

2. Mai kee tang ka

This phrase is Thai for “I don’t have any money.” The girls seem to have an affinity for saying it. 😂

3. “Ehee”

They’ve been caught on multiple occasions making the “ehee” noise (mostly at Lisa’s encouragement), which made it sort of a running joke between the girls and fans.

Although the other girls seem to have grown tired of Lisa’s “ehee”, fans can’t get enough of it and want it to make a comeback!

4. Foodsé

Rosé loves food so much, fans often lovingly refer to her as the mukbang queen.

But this moment, when she unintentionally tried to eat a candle during a live broadcast truly cemented her foodie reputation.

5. “Turtle Rabbit Kim”

In a truly memorable moment during a live broadcast, Jisoo shared that she always wanted a middle name so she made one for herself. Thus, “Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim” was born.

What are your favorite BLACKPINK inside jokes? Did any of them make our list?