13 Korean Celebrities That Graduated The Harvard Of Korea

Brains and beauty… they have it all!

Seoul National University is basically the Harvard of Korea. Only those that are at the top 0.5 percentile think of applying, and only a few from the group are accepted.

But a couple of Korean celebrities made the marks and even went on to become top stars in the entertainment industry. Talk about legendary genes!

Here are some of Seoul National University’s most well-known celebrity graduates.

1. Kim Tae Hee

2. Lee Sang Yoon

3. Jung Jin Young

4. Kam Woo Sung

5. Honey Lee


6. Verbal Jint

7. Jang Ki Ha

8. Kim Jeong Hoon

9. Beenzino

10. Lee Soo Man

11. Yoo Hee Yeol

Source: Naver Music

12. Lee Juck

13. Bang Si Hyuk

Source: LASS