This Korean Tattooist’s Delicate Tattoos Will Make You Want To Get Inked ASAP

His tattoos are too beautiful for this world.

In South Korea, tattoos are still considered taboo, but ink artists like Hongdam (IG: @hongdamstudio) are helping to change that. His beautiful, minimalistic tattoos aren’t usually what most people think of when they picture a traditional tattoo. Instead of bold, black outlines and solid colours, Hongdam uses pen-like strokes and watercolour techniques to turn his clients into living works of art. Here are just some of his many gorgeous designs.


1. Atlas


2. Spring flower


3. Inked pencil


4. Portrait


5. Neck blossom


6. Pinky promise


7. Purple flower


8. Shadow fish


9. Doves in flight


10. Waterlily


11. A bright idea


12. A magical map


13. Pink blossoms


14. Floral clock


15. Panda


16. Garden flower


17. Damselfly


18. Cat and bird


19. Forest


20. Galaxy turtle


21. Tiny planet


22.  Fox


23. Deer


24. Doodled flower


25. Floral arrangement


26. Leaves


27. Shoulder flowers


28. Hand flower


29. Cat


30. Nape flowers


31. A question