Korean Drama Scenes That Are Relatable AF

Food and naps are life.

Many elements of Korean dramas are obviously fictional, I mean look at this.


Credit @kdramadness/Instagram


Which is obvious because they’re supposed to be fictional and scripted. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of relatable moments in Korean dramas, let’s look some of them that that are relatable AF.


1. When Snacks Are Priority

Drama is Goblin



2. When You Have Your Priorities Straight

Drama is I Can Hear Your Voice



3. Your Mind At School

Drama is Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo


4. Studying

Drama is Strongest Deliveryman 


5. When Food Is Life

Drama is Heartstrings



6. When You Know You’re Fabulous AF

Drama is Suspicious Partner 



7. When You Just Want To Ignore The World

Drama is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 



8. When A Spider Disappears



9. When You Just Hate People/Humans

Drama is Strong Woman Do Bongsoon