7 Highly-Anticipated K-Dramas Releasing In February 2023

There are plenty of romance, action, and fantasy dramas.

Continuing the new releases of Korean dramas to kick off the new year, here are seven you’ll want to add to your watchlist for the month of February.

1. Island 2

Starring Lee Da Hae, Kim Nam Il, and Cha Eunwoo, the second season of Island returns on February 24, diving deeper into the adventures of the main characters’ fight against evil and saving the world from ruin.

2. The Heavenly Idol

Based on a webtoon, The Heavenly Idol follows a high priest from another world as he wakes up in the human body of an unknown K-Pop idol. Starring Business Proposal‘s Kim Min Gue, the fantasy drama will air on February 15.

3. Love to Hate You

Love to Hate You is a classic enemies-to-lovers romance. Kim Ok Vin plays an attorney who hates losing to men, while Yoo Teo plays a famous actor who doesn’t trust women. On February 10, their worlds collide as they’re forced to date each other and viewers see their romance blossom.

4. Taxi Driver 2

Taxi Driver, an adaptation of a webtoon, is returning for its second season on February 17 as the Rainbow Taxi agency continues its battle for revenge and justice.

5. Our Blooming Youth

In Our Blooming Youth, Park Hyung Sik plays a crown prince that falls for an intelligent woman, played by Jeon So Nee, who’s framed for the murder of her entire family and hunted as the murderer. The historical romance unfolds on February 6 as they both eventually reveal the secrets they’ve been hiding.

6. Call It Love

Lee Sung Kyung plays a woman whose life is turned upside down by her father’s death and his mistress kicking her out of her home. In Call it Love, she gets revenge by approaching the mistress’s son, played by Kim Young Kwang, but eventually falls for him instead. The unplanned romance begins on February 22.

7. Big Bet 2

Another show returning for its second season is Big Bet. Airing on February 15, viewers will see even more of Cha Mu Sik as he navigates being a suspect in multiple murder cases and diving deeper into the seedy world of gambling.

Bonus: Doctor Cha Jung Sook

Although initially slated for release in 2022, the Korean drama Doctor Cha Jung Sook may air sometime in February. Uhm Jung Hwa plays a housewife who decides to use her medical degree to return to the medical field while her doctor husband leads the perfect double life of hiding his cheating.