6 Highly-Anticipated K-Dramas Set To Release June 2023

Add these romances, thrillers, and more to your list.

Summer is almost here, and so are the hottest new K-Dramas. If you’re looking for an excuse to stay indoors to beat the heat, here are 6 new Korean series to add to your watch list.

1. Bloodhounds (June 9)

Woo Do Hwan, Lee Sang Yi, and Park Sung Woong star in Netflix‘s Bloodhounds, an action-thriller based on a popular webtoon. Three fearless young men enter the dark world of money-lending to pay off their debts–and exact payback on the rich.

Woo Do Hwan | Netflix

2. See You In My 19th Life (June 17)

This upcoming fantasy-romance K-Drama is based on a webtoon of the same name. After a tragic accident, a young woman who remembers all her past lives is reborn. In her 19th life, she reconnects with a boy from her past.

| tvN

3. King the Land (June 17)

This romantic comedy stars 2PM’s Junho and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona. He’s the heir to a hotel empire; she’s a hotelier. Their personalities clash, and shenanigans ensue as these “enemies” start to fall in love.

Yoona and Junho | Netflix

4. House with a Yard (June 19)

House with a Yard (also called Lies Hidden in My Garden) stars Hi By Mama‘s Kim Tae Hee and The Glory‘s Lim Ji Yeon. This suspense thriller follows a wealthy housewife (Kim Tae Hee) whose life becomes intertwined with a financially-strapped woman (Lim Ji Yeon) after she begins investigating a strange smell in her yard.


5. The Devil (June 23)

The Devil (also called Revenant) is a paranormal mystery thriller about a possessed woman and a man with the ability to see the devil.

| Disney+

6. Heartbeat (June 26)

In this romance, 2PM’s Taecyeon plays a human-vampire hybrid who missed his once in one hundred years chance to become fully human. Sharing a house with a cold-hearted, hardworking woman (played by Won Ji An) just might change his life forever.

Source: What's On Netflix
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